Abiyot Boru, Receiving ECX Award as the 2nd Outstanding Seller

About Us

The founder of Buno General Trading PLC and the lifelong advocate of coffee, Mr Abiyot Boru was born in Bule Hora Wereda of West Guji Zone, at a particular town called Gerba. His parents were farmers where coffee was one of the traditional products in the area. He started participating in coffee production practices by cultivating, weeding, watering nursery beds, and harvesting during his early childhood. Abiyot started coffee business by purchasing red-ripe and dry coffee cherries from local farmers and selling them to the nearby wet and dry coffee processing industries. His passion for coffee business grew ever since which has earned him recognition as a second outstanding national seller at ECX market.

Recently, on February 2018, Buno General Trading PLC stood 4th on Ethiopian National Test of Harvest (TOH) Competetion, an award ceremony Held at Uganda.

Buno General Trading PLC's Farm Land

Our coffee farm, which we recently started harvesting from, is positioned at highland of Odo Shakiso district which is cited to be very fertile and great for coffee production. This year the farm has produced over 3800 sacks of green coffee beans with the potential to produce much larger over the coming years.

Soil test was carried out on the farm by a team from Hawassa Univesity College of Agriculture and the following is the conclusion made by the team:

"Overall, the color of the soil was dark brown which is very important color for coffee production. The dark color indicates the presence of good amount of organic matter. The soil texture was found to be sandy clay loam which is ideal for crop production. Soils were slightly acidic in reaction and it is the optimum range for coffee and other agricultural crop production. The organic matter, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous status were also found to be adequate for coffee production (London 2014). Thus, proper nutrient management strategy should be adopted especially for these nutrients to continue the fertility status of the soil. Soil management practices like manure or compost incorporation, crop residue retention, green manuring etc. can be suggested fofr its improvement. In general, the soil paramenter tested shows that soils of Odo Shakiso are very fertile and very good for coffee production."
Screenshot of Buno Coffee Farm Soil Sample Test Result
Buno Coffee Farm Soil Sample Collection

Our Processing Units

Our washing stations and dry coffee processing units are located at naturally fertile and favourable coffee growing areas in Ethiopia. The following are some of our processing stations:

1. Abiyot Boru processing station Odo Shakiso wereda, Gale Dega kebele
2. Bobea Uke dry coffee processing station, Shakiso wereda
3. Mekdes Bogale processing station, Hambala Wamana, Halaka Korchanna Kebele
4. Fikadu Boru processing station, Hambala Wamana wereda (special place called Mansa)
5. Buno dry coffee processing station, Hambala Wamana wereda, Dari Kidame town
6. Abiyot Boru processing station, Hambala Wamana wereda, Goro Badessa kebele
7. Ware Gamade Business Plc. , Odo Shakiso wereda, Megado town
Buno Dry Coffee Processing Station